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December 29, 2014

"If you were born in a Dumpster, you got nowhere to go but up." ---Nacho Azul in The War Whisperer
It's been a rough year for a great many things. I'd list them all but I don't know what the word limit on this newsletter is. In any event, there is hope on the horizon. Politically we'll see how efficiently the parties and branches of the U.S. government, as well as the other governments of the world, can shatter what remaining peace and prosperity there is on earth.

Here at the Webmansion, The War Whisperer is progressing. I hope to have the manuscript done by next year at this time. It is becoming quite a story and I am thoroughly hooked on it. This book has been nagging at me to be written for at least the past twenty-five years, and now I can see why. It has strong libertarian political content, but it's all part of a really great story. [I tried to think of some self-deprecating way to phrase that last sentence, but The War Whisperer is a real book filled with important and real characters, issues, situations, and resolutions. I'm only a fifth of the way into the book, so I don't know how most of the story will turn out. I get to read it first, though.

The next book in the Joe Torio Mystery series, Rope Tricks, has to wait until The War Whisperer is done. Meanwhile, reread The Hangman's Son, Just Enough Rope, and Rope Paper Scissors a few times, buy cartons of copies for your friends, and check in here once in awhile for the latest.

There is a new post on the Life Sucks Better Clean blog titled: "Positive. Stay #$@%*! Positive." It was responsible for me dicking away most of my morning today. This newsletter appears to be taking up the rest.

I am scheduled to be at Arisia (16-19 January), but I have eye surgery on the 15th and have no idea how much that will take out of me. I hope I'll be there. I need an SF con every so often to keep my relationship with reality in perspective and soaked in humor.

You all have my best wishes for the coming year, and don't you dare ever catch yourself saying, "Well, it can't get any worse."

There are spirits out there in the universe who have nothing whatever to do except to demonstrate to you just how wrong you can be. It is no accident that the first half of "demonstrate" is "demon."

And never forget the Irish holiday greeting:

Man is born in pain
Lives in despair
And dies alone.