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Why This Blog?

I have two great loves I plan to honor through this experiment: Writing and teaching writing. Two lesser affections, reading awareness and chewing the fat about the writing art/business, will creep in here and there. Your comments, questions, and suggestions are solicited, and those deemed useful will appear here. If you have something really nasty to say, it will be read by me but will not appear, unless, as I wrote above, it's useful.

To my fellow scribblers, please see what you can contribute to the effort here. My way of doing things is not the only way and this blog will certainly benefit by a variety of views.

It will be trying for some, but please leave your politics at the door. You won't change anyone's mind by spleen venting or snide asides, however such would overshadow whatever useful you might contribute.

If you can, keep it short.

Writing tip of the day: Keep manuscripts in the mail; If the editor can't see it, he or she can't buy it.
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