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Ideas and Other Obligations

Up to my ears in overhauling the Webmansion, yet those pesky story ideas keep intruding on relearning the composing program, capturing icons, getting postings straight, reformatting countless pages, etc., etc. I caught myself putting one such idea aside, assuring myself that I would remember it later when I had completed the mind-numbing website repair upon which I was working. It is, as countless writing students of mine would happily throw in my face: gone, gone, gone.

The Muse offers her gifts but once without charge. Take a few seconds to write down the idea, thereby adding to your story treasury. It's better than grinding your teeth trying to remember that "absolutely terrific gimmick" that has now drifted off into the aether alone, neglected, and unexploited.

What are your writing/reading gripes, pet peeves, and favorite fixes?
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