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Pet Peeve #1

When I guest lectured at the Odyssey workshop a few weeks ago, I was asked by one of the student what my pet peeves are regarding writing. I went through my list of anti-vibes: Telling instead of showing, starts slowed by set-ups and lectures, ginormous blocks of description, etc. It wasn't until I was driving home I realized I had neglected to add my number one pet peeve. That is taking the opportunity in a piece of fiction to take a jab at a political figure none of which has anything to do with the story.

If I'm reading your story it's only because you've given me a reason to go to page two and I want to know how the story comes out. If you stop your story to put a creep on Obama or Bush or Clinton, YOU HAVE STOPPED YOUR STORY! It knocks me right out of your tale.

I don't care about your politics, digestive system, home life, or views on global warming. I want the story. If you want to badmouth a politico, go to the neighborhood bar and regale the other pundits there with your views. When you get to your keyboard, allow only the storyteller to tickle the keys.
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