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Trying Something New

For the past few days I've been trying out a new genre/format/kind of writing I've been planning ever since I first heard about Twitter. It's written by a hitman who fills in his odd moments on the job tweeting to his followers his current status and the events of the day. He may lie once in awhile to throw off those Twitter followers who are attempting to either arrest or kill him. Why is he doing something so risky? First, he is very good at what he does. Second, he never gets to talk shop with anyone. He has almost no social life, and then he discovered Twitter.

Check it out on Twitter @BarryLongyear or go to the Webmansion's aTwitMystery PAGE and the aTwitMystery CATCHUP PAGE (For those who don't tweet and those who want to get the beginnings of the story).

Think about trying this. I haven't had so much fun at writing in years.
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