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THE ENEMY PAPERS - Kindle Edition

The eleven thousand year saga of the Dracs from the Myth of Aakva to the quest for peace of an alien terrorist named Yazi Ro, and of the humans who became part of the legend.

The work contains three complete Novels: an expanded Enemy Mine, The Tomorrow Testament, and The Last Enemy, as well as substantial fragments of The Talman, and essays on the story of Enemy Mine and troubles on building an alien language.



ROPE PAPER SCISSORS, the third crime adventure in the Joe Torio Mystery Series, following The Hangman's Son and Just Enough Rope, is now available at Amazon. The work came in at 340,000 words, hence it is being published by Enchanteds in three volumes: Rope, Paper, and Scissors.

This was a lot of work through a laundry list of health issues, but now it's done. I think it's a great story, and I am very grateful to all those who helped make it possible.

The most frequent question I am asked about the Joe Torio Series, is "Should I read the others in the series (The Hangman's Son and Just Enough Rope) before reading Rope Paper Scissors?"

Well, of course, one should purchase all of the series and read them in order. However, it is not necessary. The exception is Rope Paper Scissors. The three books together make up one novel, one story. Paper, for example, is the middle of the story. Reading it first will probably leave you wondering what's going on. If you choose to do so, however, have at it.



Screen-Handy English Rules and When to Break Them for Writers of Readable Writing

For Working Writers: All that crap you were supposed to memorize in high school English some of which may have faded or fallen though the cracks. Mount this Kindle on your monitor and when needed quickly find the answers to most of your English grammar, punctuation, and usage questions, as well as a bundle of ways to diddle, bend, and break the rules.

The Kindle is available now for $2.99.

I have been asked if this would be suitable for middle schoolers, and it does have a bit of rough language in it. However, I would have killed to have this be my English text when I was in the eighth grade. It contains no words eighth graders wouldn't understand and in all probability are already comfortable using. The work's object, however, is readable writing, as in fiction and nonfiction books, stories, and articles for sale. If you are on an academic kick and looking for tried and true guides for putting in footnotes or diagramming sentences, this is not the English text for you.


Updated the Kindle for Sea of Glass. Strange going through this work again. When I began writing, this was where I began, I fought with this manuscript for nine years, becoming an established author in the meantime. Near the end of that nine years, I had my original thirty thousand words, a signed and paid for contract offer, and a delivery date. I also had absolutely no idea how to finish this book.

I had lived with the character of Thomas Windom for nine years, however, and in many respects knew him better than I knew myself. I sat down and wrote Tom a letter in which I expressed my frustration at finishing the novel and asked his advice on what he wanted me to do with the damned thing.

In my head, I got a very clear message: "Put it down the way I give it to you and make sure it stays that way." In a few weeks more I had another seventy thousand words to go with the original thirty, and a book that still seems like someone else wrote it.

My late friend, George Alec Effinger, told me he regarded Sea of Glass as an "undiscovered classic." Be that as it may, it is an important story to me, and if I had to pick one of my stories to put forward to earn my way out of writers Hell, Sea of Glass would be it.



ENEMY MINE - The Original Novella in Kindle Format

Strange as it may seem, the originally published version of the novella "Enemy Mine" (1979)has not been available except from used magazine vendors, until now. The version released in the Author's Guild edition is a slight expansion of the original that was first published in my themed collection, MANIFEST DESTINY. The many appearances of this story in anthologies since then are that same slightly expanded version.

The version we have been marketing from this site , ENEMY MINE: The Author's Cut, is a rather substantial expansion of the original that first appeared in the Enemy Mine omnibus titled: THE ENEMY PAPERS. This was in order to better balance Enemy Mine against its two sequels, THE TOMORROW TESTAMENT and THE LAST ENEMY, both full-length novels.

The Enchanteds version we are releasing with this announcement, titled: ENEMY MINE The Original Award Winning Novella, is as the title says: the original. Excepting for correcting a few typos appearing in the original, this version is as it appeared in the September 1979 issue of Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, thirty-two years, three awards, and a motion picture ago.