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April 28-30, Brothers In Spirit NA Men's Retreat, Alfred Maine.

This year's program has to do with using the program to deal with guilt and shame, two of the most common tricks the disease uses to coax recovering addicts to pick up. I'm program chair, and may chair one of the workshops. Haven't decided. Program preview is below. To get flyers, click on Crusty.

ABOUT BROTHERS IN SPIRIT Welcome, a little about Brothers in Spirit, about our theme, and a time to meet and share.

GUILT, SHAME, & THE PAYOFF What is guilt? What is shame? How does the disease of addiction use these to encourage relapse.

LETTING GO OF SHAME To let it go we have to pick it up. Using sharing, sponsors, friends, and Steps 6 & 7 as parts of letting go of shame.

RESOLVING GUILT clearing past wreckage using Steps 8 & 9.

FOCUS ON FORGIVENESS Forgiving the guilt and shame we put on others, and forgiving ourselves: Resolving resentments.

HAPPY, JOYOUS, AND FREE Without resentment, shame, and guilt what's left is a future as a human dealing with problems instead of medicating them, keeping the way clear for happiness, serenity, and fulfillment. Step 10, hope, and keeping growth in recovery.


The event has come and gone, but I like the poster.