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Beware the English teacher!

Detective Sergeant Joe Torio, suspended from the South River Police Department, is offered a house for very little if he can tell the house's owner why her parents committed suicide. Meanwhile a cadet at Soldier Heights Military Academy appears to have accidentally caused his own death. None of the three deaths makes any sense at all, Julia asks Joe to look into the cadet's death, and he does what he can as an English teacher who doesn't much care for school.

Three volumes, 340,000 words, available from Amazon. Kindles coming soon. Other books in the Joe Torio Series: The Hangman's Son and Just Enough Rope, both available in print and Kindle formats.

-Joe Torio Mystery #1

Joseph Paul DiMaggio Torio. His biological father was an ax murderer, his adoptive father the State hangman, and Joe became a detective in the South River Police Department. He brings the bad guys in alive, if they let him, but there've been a lot of bad choices by miscreants during Joe's career. It all develops a whole new wrinkle when a killer picks out someone for Joe to love.

-Joe Torio Mystery #2

So, there's an incarcerated serial killer who is being framed for the murder of a Corrections Officer. The killer has been ordered by the court to undergo psychological observation at a local mental hospital, and someone needs to go undercover as a patient to find the real killer. They need a detective, though, who really doesn't need to phony up his records to appear insane. Who might that be?


About Enchanteds

Enchanteds is the publishing imprint we use in some works of Barry Longyear's offered in eBook and trade paperback formats. Some of these works are available under no other imprint, and nowhere can you find these works at such savings. We intend to bring you all of Barry's works at affordable prices. Newly available works, both electronic and paper, will appear here and will be announced in the site newsletter.

Enchanteds is beginning a program of making all of their eBooks, formerly available only as Kindles, available as Nooks through the Barnes & Noble platform. Check here for the latest, or subscribe to the site newsletter


Enchanteds is named for two unorganized townships in Maine: Upper Enchanted and Lower Enchanted. We think it's a much better name than Misery Gore.